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Whether you need catering for an event, a gorgeous plate for your next big party, or a fun activity, a CAJA Plate is the perfect addition to any event.

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Creative Marshmallows
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CAJA Marshmallows
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When crafty meets foodie, fabulous pairings, enticing flavors and artistic designs meet on one plate.

Think of each CAJA Plate as a canvas where the magic of contrasting flavors and textures come to life.

Apples mingled with butterkase, wrapped in a slice of prosciutto? YES!

Itโ€™s not just food; it's a narrative on a plate, each element carefully chosen to craft a story of complex, yet harmonious flavors. That's the essence of a CAJA Plate.

Every ingredient we use is meticulously selected from trusted sources that align with our commitment to taste, quality, sustainability, and supporting local communities.

Our Philosophy

Let's Create Your Culinary Story Together!
From our kitchen to your event, our plates are made with love.

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